About Canopi

I wanted every woman to be able to wear any sleeveless garment in the shop and to love themselves in it, so I put my thinking cap on and designed something complimentary, flattering, seamless and inexpensive that would give the wow factor for any lady.
Sandra Walsh, Sandz Boutique

Sandra Walsh | Canopi FashionAbout Sandra

Sandra Walsh’s own lifestyle fuelled her ideas of how modern women everywhere should look, act, and dress. Sandra succeeded in packaging and marketing her own personal attitudes and style, making her a key fashion expert of women’s taste throughout Ireland.
The concept of removable sleeves for dresses suitable for day and evening wear has become both a staple for Sandra throughout subsequent seasons and a classic piece of twentieth-century women’s wear for Canopi.

A no-nonsense approach to fashion, Canopi is designed to let women be comfortable while looking dignified has been translated into classy pieces that works both day and night.

Canopi Exercise Fashion

In 2014 Sandra is launching a new fabric and design for the active woman. Canopi Exercise Wear is stylishly designed to be breathable, and comfortable while you’re exercising. The fabric is a soft, stretchy microfiber blend that you can barely feel it on your skin. The stretchy fit and very soft fabric of Canopi Exercise Fashion Clothing are smooth and comfortable.
The designs for Canopi Exercise will be launched in April conjunction with the new website.

Coco Chanel — Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.

Evening ensembles for which the designer Sandra Walsh was known for, created a key fashion piece to take advantage of sleeveless garments for any occasion.

Using Micro lace, gentle fibers and decorative elements, Canopi Sleeves soften and romanticize the overall look of the garment creating a new look within minutes.
You can find Canopi lines in department stores and specialty stores internationally. Please see our contact page for further information.

Fashion Trends

It’s no secret that fashion moves quickly and, with all its frivolity, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself investing heavily in a trend, only to fall out of love with it six months later. This is why Canopi Secret Sleeves are so exciting for the forward thinking fashion buyer she is aware of the number she requires.